Jon C.

Mr Ortiz came to my house to check out my Air Conditioning, after my wife and I realized is wasn’t working the previous night. We have 2 small children and they were very hot and fussy. It’s a very frustrating situation. I’ve had bad experiences with AC companies in the past and was not looking forward to dishing out a bunch of money on my 12 yr old system. Other companies have come out and right away try to sell a system. Who has that kind of money just laying around? To my surprise, Mr Ortiz from the get go was very polite, not pushy, and took his time to look over everything. Turns out my outdoor fan motor was bad and he found that my coil was very dirty as well on the indoor portion. Instead of pushing me, like other companies, to buy a system, he gave me multiple options! That was awesome! He had like 5 choices of repairs we could do, as well as preventative maintenance. He also found 2 other smaller parts that were about to go out, physically got me involved, showed me with his electrical meter, and gave me the opportunity to change those out as well. Not once did I feel pressured or nervous. Thank god there is a company like Longhorn out there that treats people like people and not a dollar sign. We got one of the middle of the road options and are utility bill actually went down some. Mr Ortiz is also coming back in the late fall to change out my duct work, due to it being 26 yrs old, dirty, moldy and leaking in the attic. The prices were reasonable, the service was top notch, and I can gladly say I will be using Mr Ortiz in the future. I recommend anyone to give these guys a chance. You won’t be disappointed!! Myself, my wife and our kids were very happy and now sleeping comfortably. I don’t usually write reviews but I was extremely impressed. Go Longhorn!! John C.